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The Cheeses


Pasture Con Trufa

Pasteurized sheep’s milk, bloomy rind from Spain.

"Eye opening" notes of truffle, sheepy flavor, rich, buttery

with notes of nutmeg, warm milk, a hint of lanolin, complex


Cherry Leaf Robiola

Pasteurized Goat’s Milk, rind less wrapped in leaf from Cora Italy.

Aged about 15 days in fresh cherry leaves, creamy and compact texture, 

and bright white color, distinctive cherry aftertaste, fresh and delicate.


Explorateur Coque

Pasteurized Cow’s Milk, bloomy rind, soft ripened cheese produced in Île-de-France.  

Created in the 1950's to honor the first USA satellite Explorer. Triple cream cheese

with a 75% fat content resulting in super rich, creamy and decadent flavors.

Smooth unpressed texture and white bloomy rind.



Pasteurized Cow’s Milk, rind less, Gorgonzola/Mascarpone Torta from Italy.

Lombardian creation featuring two regional classics. Incredibly soft,

creamy and rich with intense gorgonzola flavors. Sweet notes from the Mascarpone.



Raw Sheep’s Milk, natural rind from England.  

Rich, sweet, fruity like a pineapple and nutty, sometimes creamy and biscuity.

"The flavors are always long, deep and mouth filling"



Pasteurized Goat’s Milk, natural rind from England.

Bloomy, ridged natural rind. Bone white in color, chalky, and milky flavors.

Mature cheeses with show some breakdown delicate breakdown


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